Click On Jorge

ClickOnJorge is a simple game made around the wonderful Jorge (Yes, myself!).  The user has 20 seconds to  click on the highlighted Jorge as many time as possible. If he gets a high score, he gets to be on the high-scores page.

Anything Worth Saying - Exhibition

This was MFA exhibition, held last May. The exhibition consisted of three computers. The first one shows the videos in the database in random order. The second one is interactive, meant for users to choose which videos to watch. The third one is a recording station, meant for users to record their own videos. When users record their videos, these automatically shows up in the first computer and are added to the list of videos being displayed on the second computer. In this way, users can interact with the installation and add to the project their own content to the project.

N! Possible Routes

N! Possible Routes is an extension of a very basic question: “What’s the quickest way to get there?”. Using web technologies, a bit of math and a lot of computer processing N! Possible Routes takes regions of the worlds and tries to find out all the possible ways to go between several places. Then, it lets users try to find the quickest (or slowest) way around and provides duration and distance information for every single route. Instead of providing the user with the answer to this question, the project provides a way for the user to find out for himself. The question turns into a game of finding out the quickest route between several places.

Wordpress Plugins

Somtimes, I also make plugins for Wordpress. Not necessarily because I like making plugins, but because most of them are really bad.

JSJ Gallery Slideshow

JSJ Code Highlight


I also like to experiment with new technology in small, short, and often unrefined projects.

Just Type: My First Node.js Experiement

Pugalicious - A Backbone App

Three.Js Experiments